Girl Plus

Logline: In a dystopian future where on-demand cosmetic surgery is the status quo, one plus-size woman discovers she has something more valuable than her dress size. Superpowers.

Theme: It’s an extraordinary realization to accept & love yourself for who you are. Beauty is only skin deep & if you peel back the layers, you will find that you have your own unique quality that make you a real superhero. You don’t need to change your outside appearance to become the most amazing version of yourself, you only have to look within to see the amazing you that was there all along. You have the power to leave your mark on this Earth & it has nothing to with what you look like.

Cast: Dellany Towne Peace

Genre: superhero, science fiction

Status: development

Duration: episodic

Creator: Dellany Towne Peace

Story: Dellany Towne Peace

Screenplay: Asha Michelle Wilson, Matthew Sidney Long, Chris Virnig

Producer: Dellany Towne Peace, James Parris, Sherry Lee Meredith, Katheryne Thomas

Country: USA

Language: English

All work is protected and registered with the WGA