Synopsis: Deadfielders is a 6 part web-miniseries set in the near future, after the Great Zombie War. Jamie, a gifted young athlete, finds acceptance through a baseball league- on the forbidden Zombie Reservation. Underneath sporting adventures with the friendly-undead, Deadfielders challenges bigotry in a postwar society- while satisfying fans of Baseball & Zombies alike. In a world where the undead can be athletes, a bi-racial kid faces a struggle for tolerance she never imagined. Deadfielders delivers a funny romp through the post-apocalypse for all ages.

Genre: Comedy

Status: in production

Duration: episodic, mini-series

Creator: Deirdre Murray Holmes

Writers: Deirdre Murray Holmes, Harrison Boyd

Producers: Deirdre Murray Holmes, Dellany Towne Peace, James Parris

Country: USA

Language: English