The Accident of Grace

Logline: A poignant story about a woman’s journey on the road to forgiveness.

Synopsis: Gracie is just turning thirty and still struggling to come to terms with never having a father. Carrying a lot of bitterness and hatred towards the teenage girl who hit and killed her father so many years ago, she refuses to accept that it was an accident and that God is a forgiving God. Gracie sets an unsettling goal to find and confront this woman whom Gracie blames for her unhappiness. Through her journey, Gracie experiences God’s subtle yet faithful messages to her via circumstances & events that lead up to her finally coming face to face with the woman she’s obsessed about all these years.

Genre: drama, thriller, faith-based

Status: development

Duration: feature

Creator: Dellany Towne Peace

Screenplay: Dellany Towne Peace

Producer: Dellany Towne Peace

Country: USA

Language: English

All work is protected and registered with the WGA